About Us

What is Titan MOB? In Ancient Greece, Titans were believed to be immortal figures of incredible strength and stamina. A MOB, other than a large group of people, stands for


We have created this race for people who like a challenge, don’t mind getting a little dirty, and love to have a good time. It is our goal to host an event to ensure everyone will have the opportunity to achieve all of their goals and have one hell of a time doing it!

We have designed this event so some obstacles may be virtually impossible to accomplish alone and other obstacles may force you to step outside your comfort zone. Some people will overcome fears, some will face decisions they have never faced before, some will be tired and weak, and yet some will feel more alive than they ever have; but we ensure that ALL of you will have the time of your life doing it!

We’ll provide the challenge; it is up to you to conquer it!